Concentrated long-term coolant

  • This coolant is a concentrated ethylene glycol solution in water.
  • Features: excellent anti-rust and anti-corrosion ability, extending engine radiator life, better endurance compared to conventional coolants, outstanding cooling ability, can effectively protect the water pump and the aging of oil seal.
  • Ethylene glycol content: 17 ml, boiling point: above 174 °C, freezing point: -37 °C.
  • Recommended ratio of coolant : water = 1 : 1.
  • Suitable for all gasoline and diesel engine cooling system.
  • Suitable for engine radiators of all brands.

Package:1 Liter x 12


High boiling point brake fluid

  • Top-grade UC BRAKE FLUID 420 conforms to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards FM VSS 116 DOT-4.
  • DOT-4 has a high dry boiling point of 267 °C and a wet boiling point of 167 °C and can prevent the fatal gas formation due to high temperature in the braking system.
  • DOT-4 has a good moisture resistance and can extend the lifetime of the brake fluid.
  • Suitable for scooters, motorcycles, cars, trucks, construction machinery, etc.

Package:1 Liter x 12